We love a good day spent at Hollywood Studios (it will always be MGM in our hearts). And, in true Disney fashion, there’s no shortage of amazing table service restaurants where you can… how do we put this cutely… stuff your face with food and drinks. SO! We’ve put together our current list of the top 5 best spots to sit, relax, and dine-in at between a trip to Galaxy’s Edge and a freefall on a haunted elevator.

Note: As it stands right now, you’ll need a reservation to dine at any of the table service restaurants at Disney World. Reservations open up 60 days in advance and they go quick!

Top 5 Hollywood Studios restaurants in no particular order

  1. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
    Listen. This will always and forever be on our list until the day Disney decides to retire the restaurant. We aren’t sure if it’s just the nostalgia or the ambiance, atmosphere, and unique concept – but we’ve been hooked for decades. If you haven’t visited the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater yet, it’s essentially an indoor drive in, designed to feel like a throwback-to-the-50’s night at the movies under a starry sky.

    Park Snobs Tip: the car seating is by far the best. Avoid the picnic tables if you can, they’re just less special.

    As far as food goes, the menu is classically American (think: burgers, fries, shakes, and onion rings). Our go-to items are the fried dill pickles, the Sci-Fi smoked wings, the chicken salad sandwich, and the Red Planet – a white chocolate cheesecake with spiced blueberry compote on a graham cracker tart with a matcha sponge and candied almonds (we can’t say no to matcha – EVER).

    Hollywood Studios sci fi dine in theater park snobs
  2. 50’s Prime Time Cafe
    Recent reviews we’ve read about one of our favorite places of all time say that it’s hit or miss – sometimes the servers are perfectly in-character and sometimes they leave a little something to be desired. But, if you haven’t been to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, then let us clarify – good service here means you’re getting reprimanded for not having your napkin in your lap, putting your elbows on the table, or whipping your phone out at dinner (we love it).

    But despite the mixed reviews, we think this place really holds up. The vibes are vintage at-home TV dinner, through and through. Everything from the mid-century modern design, to the old school television sets by the tables, to the homemade menu items – it feels like you’ve teleported to the 50’s.

    The atmosphere is killer, the bar is even better (our favorite place to grab a drink at Hollywood Studios by a landslide), but the menu may be our favorite thing about the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. As a kid, I absolutely LIVED for the pot roast – and it’s still great, today. Our other favorite items are the deviled eggs, grandpa jean’s chicken pot pie, and dad’s favorite chocolate peanut butter layered cake a la mode (ARE YOU KIDDING ME). The feel-good homemade style food cannot be beat.

  3. Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano
    We’re part Italian, so we never turn down the opportunity to try out Italian food, no matter where we are. Mama Melrose’s has never disappointed, so take it from us – this place is a must.

    Think Buca di Beppo meets Lady and the Tramp’s first kiss meets Disney World, and you get Mama Melrose’s. It’s open for both lunch and dinner, and it’s really hard to get up and leave this warm and welcoming little space (and not just because you’ll be full of pasta). Ask your server to tell the story of Mama Melrose – you won’t regret it.
    The menu is honestly hard to narrow down, but off the top, our favorites are the crispy calamari, the oven-baked chicken alla parmagiana, and the mini cannoli trio. But – truly – you cannot go wrong here!

  4. Roundup Rodeo BBQ
    Have ya’ll seen the videos of the guests at Roundup Rodeo BBQ reacting to Andy making his sporadic appearances? The whole restaurant freezes, so Andy doesn’t pick up on the fact that all of his toys (you, included) are alive and well. Imagine being a kid here – what an experience. Disney never fails to create memories that truly last a lifetime, and this would be one of those.

    The menu here is full of BBQ options, and it’s a flat rate for kids ($25) and adults ($45) for a fixed family-style menu. So, you know what that means – go crazy. Our personal favorites are the prospector’s homemade cheddar biscuits with sweet pepper jelly, wheezy’s watermelon salad, the house-smoked BBQ plate, slinky dog’s mac and cheese, and the married spuds.
  5. Oga’s Cantina
    You knew Galaxy’s Edge would make an appearance here, and Oga’s Cantina is the obvious contender – even considering the fact that it’s actually just a bar. It transports you to one of the most infamous secret spots in the Star Wars Universe. With a menu full of “exotic” beverages and an exceptionally animated DJ R-3X, your experience here will be like no other.

    For true Star Wars fanatics, this place will be a really special experience. It’s extremely authentic, and worth the effort to get in. It’s mostly revered for the drinks (and you should absolutely partake), but our favorite menu items are the snacks – what can we say, we’re hungry. Grab a drink of your choice and pair it with the Batuu bits and the Happabore sampler.